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A career management and matching platform that helps everyone find meaningful work

It's about the right pairings


Like bees and honey, chilled vodka and caviar, or Holmes and Watson, naturally fitting in a work culture means happier you. Imagine looking forward to working, and seeing your colleagues?

A new search technique


We devised a multi-dimensional in-depth analysis to better match candidates and employers in these three categories:


Specializations & tech skills

Essential Skills

Qualities & personality


Interests, missions & values 

Backed with substance 


Match details are then broken down in each category to better assess overall compatability.

The way to career-bliss


Research shows sharing a company’s purpose and values lead to better employee engagement and work performance. So why not include them in our work search?

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Why We're Different

Introverts  /  Extroverts  /  Clowns


There’s a role for every personality type. Learn which one suits you best. Need help discovering your traits? We provide resources like personality tests and company culture finder to help you find the right fit. 

Resumes with character


You’re more than just technical skills. Showcase those unique qualities, life accomplishments, interests and everything else you bring to the table. Bam!

Organizations come to life.


Rich organization profiles help you learn about their work culture. Job descriptions now come with context to help set clearer expectations. Need we say more?

Create Profile

Build out basic info like your work experience (specializations and tech skills) and essential skills (qualities and personality). 

Set Preferences

Define desired salary range, benefits, culture type, and other relevant details. Set minimum match % for each of the three categories.


Get Results

That's it! You will be automatically notified of any job openings that match your criteria. Change of goals? Update your preferences anytime.

How It Works

Save Time

Once you set your preferences, you will be notified of opportunities matching your minimum criteria. You can now focus on other areas of career development.


Let’s bring more smiles to the workforce


(And surely our friends and families will appreciate a happier us, too!)

Can't wait to try Heart@Work?


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